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Friday 18th November

All weeks are busy in school but this one was very busy as we had our Ofsted inspection this week.  The inspector really did look at every aspect of school life in great detail during the two day visit.  I will not be able to tell you the result for about two weeks but as soon as we have had confirmation I will be contacting everyone with the result.

However, the children have continued as usual with their heads down with their learning.  Golden Eagles are continuing the work on Romans and have planned and are in the process of making super mosaics in art.

I also had an interesting discussion with Golden Eagles regarding British Values.  The children have looked at the values before but this time we linked them with what we are doing in school.  There are lots of links and the children enjoyed exploring them.

Woodpeckers are beavering away and it is lovely to see the reception beginning to move on with their reading and writing.  Letters can be seen in their emergent writing and their counting and writing of numbers is showing progress. 

Is this going to be a normal week?  Of course not .... we have another inspection.  This time we have SIAMS.  This is the inspection to look at the Christian Distinctiveness of the school

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